8 thoughts on “As The Cemetery Turns”

  1. Rapewhistle,

    This is how the sausage gets made at the cemeteries. You got familia buried in a cemetery? Multimillion dollar lawsuits are just waiting to be uncovered in these places.

    Stay tuned!

  2. buddy

    I got no gas here no more but I just have to give the throttle a lil jerk because what the fuck is going on here

    someone parked across a graveyard and siphoned some gas it looks like????????????????



    I have no idea what you expect space ghetto to do with this that your local police hasn’t and if your local police hasn’t space ghetto has no jurisdiction above any and all law enforcement agencies

    that said, carry on

  3. Rapewhistle,

    Read the first pic, it was a current employee, (now ex-employee) stealing gas after hours. Nobody needs to do nothing, especially anybody here. Not sure why that thought would even come to anyone’s mind. I just thought it would be an interesting curiosity here on SG. I’m expecting the wild west not law and order here.

    The guyz already fired, (for other reasons) but he was part of the power structure in a toxic work environment where they were free to do MANY careless things that the general public would be surprised to learn about and this is just one of them.

    No offense meant, just sharing the realities I know about and find curious.

  4. This is not how we space ghetto- posting embedded whole posts from your tumblr won’t do.  It’s fine to copy and paste and make new posts here but please stop with the embeds…

  5. Garicuh,

    Just read this and sorry for not getting the rhythms here. No offense meant as I was just posting things I thought would make interesting content.

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