UPDATED – Ads for Dems

Hey Everyone, sorry for the re-posting of the first few of these pictures. I just wanted to put up the finished product, with all of the new pics all-together. Enjoy. Thank you!

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14 thoughts on “UPDATED – Ads for Dems”

  1. he’s here obviously, because not everyone is a person who only see’s one side, and says any other viewpoint is irrelevant.
    you gotta admit, some of those were we’re pretty fkn funny, and I find it more funny when leftists have no sense of humor when it is about them.

  2. proof gigo is a garbageboomer (not to be confused with your average, garden variety perfectly okay boomer:

    -finds lazy garbage memes funny

    -uses hashtags in the comments sections of websites where hashtags don’t apply

    -thinks anyone who doesn’t like their lazy garbage takes is a “leftist”

    go fuck yourself gigo

    unless you’re just a guerillagreg sock puppet, you can still go fuck yourself but at that point it seems redundant

  3. hey rapist thistle, you forgot to call me a “racist” you braindead lockstep utter fucking moron.
    it’s called free exchange and you can freely exchange your solidarity for the one side up your probably well utilized asshole.
    oh.. was that republican or racist?  homophobe, sexist, bigoted, or no LGBTQXYPDQ???
    it’s called free thinking, you should try it sometime you short peckered whiny bitch.
    now you can quaff that well stirred mansuckacockachino, and figure out how to salvage some semblance of not looking like a total fucking douchebag.
    I bet you’re from new jersey.. prick.

  4. P.S. I screen shotted that and posted it on facebook and my friends thought it was a laugh riot…

    P.S. KAG 2020 fucker
    NOWWwwwwwwww piss and moan like a disaffected “leftard”… because you just made yourself a easy target. and, the mere fact it so inflamed your smarting ‘always looking for a reason to be a pathetic internet badass’ mangina.. means, you are one.
    before, you talk shit, I am a libertarian registered as a democrat, so I can fuck up your guys twice an election. now you may to kindly go fuck yourself, you whiny cunt.

  5. seems you got a little bit triggered there, my dude

    you wanna lie down for a bit, I’ll put on some MeTV and you can rest your eyes

    really, take a breather before coming back to the whole marketplace of ideas thing because I can’t wait to hear what your deal is with new jersey

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