Annual Hosting Time

Hi folks,

It’s the time of year when the host wants to get paid for the VPS delivering the Ghetto to you.

If you can afford to chip in a couple of dollars/pseos/euros/yuen I would sure appreciate it.  If you can’t it’s all good.



Image result for breast pump gif

Image result for breast pump gif

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11 thoughts on “Annual Hosting Time”

  1. I’m happy to continue to help out =) Was wondering about any buggy issues with the site…i noticed that page 2 would load all wonky like. Seems good now issues. Hows the traffic been? Seems to have slowed. Also, been wondering where Chap has been? I miss his sweet syrup. I hope you’re well G. Thanks


      1. There you are! I hope you’re doing well. I’ve recently been involved in animal rescues Chap! This little buggers name is Pecan. We go everywhere together.

  2. Where the hell is everyone? I guess everyone got busy with life. I’ll scrounge up some pic from the last year and post em to get caught up.

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